Pokémon Art Appreciation, Day 15: Snorlax 109/159

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Today’s card is Snorlax from the Crown Zenith set. It’s card number 109/159, released in 2023, and illustrated by Asako Ito. It looks like this:

The Snorlax 109/159 Pokémon card from Crown Zenith

In the same way that Yoka Morii’s style is clay, Asako Ito’s style is yarn. She crochets amigurumi versions of the Pokémon that she illustrates, and captures photos of them set against felt backgrounds. So far, she’s contributed the art for 33 Pokémon cards, going back to the Sun & Moon era.

We see Snorlax in his traditional resting pose, taking up most of a small hill that’s adorned with various flowers. He appears to be yawning (and I keep yawning while writing this post). Further in the background, we can see various flowers and plants, and more hills in the distance. There isn’t really much going on here; it’s just Snorlax being Snorlax.

Despite the simple subject and presentation, there are so many amazing details in this art. I love the tiny felt claws on Snorlax’s hands and feet (and, also on his feet, the little brown pads). His eyes are just single pieces of black thread, which is a totally accurate depiction. His open mouth and mighty yawn give Snorlax his personality here, transforming him from an intricate arrangement of yarn to a living (but tired) Pokémon. The felt hill looks especially soft, and the adorable flowers (look at the perfect petal cuts and tiny stamen) make the scene a joy to take in.

Tomorrow, we’ll examine a different Snorlax card. See you then!

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