Pokémon Art Appreciation, Day 11: Greedent V 120/159

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Today’s card is Greedent V from Crown Zenith (the last of the Sword & Shield era sets). It’s card 120/159, released in 2023, and illustrated by Saki Hayashiro. Here it is:

The Greedent V 120/159 Pokémon card from Crown Zenith

This card has a wonderfully simple composition, with Greedent taking up the majority of the frame. He’s nested comfortably in a cozy spot, likely within a tree, surrounded by his signature stash of berries. He’s staring off into the distance, a contended look on his face.

Hayashiro has contributed over 20 Pokémon illustrations for cards from the Sword & Shield era onwards. Their art is pretty much exactly like what you see in this card—large, prominent Pokémon with minimal backgrounds. In fact, this card might have the most going on it in than any of their others. Hayashiro’s clean, cartoony style is very well-suited to Pokémon illustration, and they do an excellent job of bringing the creatures to life.

There are three things that I love about this card in particular. The first is Greedent’s adorable body language and facial expression, which create a kind of palpable sense of satisfaction over having amassed the nearby berry trove. The second is the vivid color throughout the art, courtesy of the large variety of berries (we can see Oran, Nanab, Leppa, Aspear, Rawst, and Pecha berries—quite the collection!). And the third is the overall soft and gentle style of the art itself, accented by the magical glint of a generous quantity of lens flare sparkles (including one on Greedent’s teeth!). The entire scene is wonderful, and I can’t help but smile at this card whenever I come across it.

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